Comparison of oktoberfest and burningman

The king was passionate about beer, so over the years, the annual party became where the heads of the German breweries would meet up to compare their goods.

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Pamplona, Spain People welcome opening of San Fermin festival 8. The Oktoberfest held over more than two weeks in October in Munich, Germany, has been going strong since Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Website: The Dome of the Rock is 33 miles from the sea.

Begun in at the beginning of the oyster season to extend the traditional tourist season, it is held during the last few days of September and features oyster shucking competitions, an Oyster Pearl beauty pageant, and a large Mardi Gras party.

In the tents, you have to be at a table to get served. In Nevada they seem to have an unspoken rule: They are especially popular in the northern Midwest states like Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota where there is a large concentration of people with German ancestry.

Fall Festivals

German National Tourist Board Ah, the beer. Do not get on a roller coaster after 10 beers. Nakedness, body painting, bizarre costumes, patterns of piercings, and every form of extreme self-modification became commonplace sights after a few hours at the gathering.

Inside the tents, the bands play a mix of German songs and modern English classics. At first I was in a pram, then mostly on my own two feet. Some festivals celebrate beer, and some festivals celebrate food. The king was passionate about beer, so over the years, the annual party became where the heads of the German breweries would meet up to compare their goods.

Top festivals around the world number in the thousands, and celebrate just about everything. Almost 80 percent of Oktoberfest attendees are from Bavaria, giving it an authentic, local feel, though some tents, especially the Hofbrau one, have more of an international scene.

Fall festivals are not necessarily the same thing as harvest festivals. Each tent features live music and as the day goes on, the crowd gets rowdy and starts dancing on the benches.

Ball gowns, frock coats, and beautifully stunning masks are the order of the day rather than your run of the mill fancy dress. One of the world's most famous festivals celebrates something completely different—beer and food.

Nobody can enter until security decides enough people have left to let a few more in. The dates change every year depending when Easter falls.

The last beer is poured by 11 p.9/ The man who walked a high-wire between the Twin Towers reflects 'I decided from that day I will stop saying ‘my towers’ — I will say ‘our towers’' Features. I bet burning man is less violent than many other festivals in the US. Festivals like Way Out West in Sweden has had 2 sexual assaults in ten years with visitors yearly, compared to Bråvalla which tops the crime statistics.

Police arrested 49 people on Saturday for pickpocketing, groping women or fighting, including a year-old man who assaulted another man with his beer stein. More than patients were treated by the Red Cross, including 19. Burning Man is an annual event hosted in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, United States.

The event lasts for a week and is described as mass experience in community, art, radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. Burning Man in photos It seems like a diet dish by comparison.

• Like Beer Belly, Belly Bombz Where to celebrate Oktoberfest in Southern California. German Smokers: Our Ten Favorites Sep, 12 The German Rauchermann, commonly known as a “German smoker,” is an incense-burning .

Comparison of oktoberfest and burningman
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