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True, 13th in the entire school without studying when the exams are designed to be insanely difficult is no mean feat, but the pain comes from Karma knowing and knowing everyone else also knows that he can do better.

Brilliant, but Lazy

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He also has a great disgust for people telling him to hurry, even declaring the word "hurry" itself to be the most offensive term he can think of. Goku's older brother Raditz is made this retroactively.

So it's more like Brilliant, but Ignorant. Rakshata Chawla is another example. He reacts with apathy whenever he's warned he's in danger of flunking, and outright admits he thinks school is pointless.

A rare villainous example of this trope; part of the reason Agon is so odious is because he was born with incredible talent and can dominate almost anyone without putting forth any effort.


Usagi isn't brilliant, but could get decent grades if she simply did the work. The author doesn't know, since he isn't the smartest person in the world. As another testament to his laziness, during the Namek Saga, literally his entire army has to die before he can be bothered to so much as track down the Z-Fighters himself, let alone challenge them — he assumes Dodoria and Zarbon would The killer int the backseat essays with his Vegeta problem, and when that doesn't happen, he calls in the Ginyu Force, only to find out later while he is off on an errand to figure out how to activate the Dragon Balls that they all got killed as well.

Or so he says. His mom would hassle him endlessly if he flunked, and that's even more work to deal with. A rare villainous example of this trope; part of the reason Agon is so odious is because he was born with incredible talent and can dominate almost anyone without putting forth any effort.

He knows to dress up, give the girl compliments, give the girl gifts such as flowers, knows where to take them on dates, he knows the proper etiquette for being at various locations restaurants, movies, theatersetc. Ranma, in the manga at least is very intelligent, far more than many people credit him as being, judging by fan fiction.

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Dark Cybertronand then immediately gives up and goes back to napping on the job the moment he can offload the difficult bits to Megatron, who for all his faults at least has a functioning sense of responsibility.

Or deprive her of her much-beloved sake. She's a brilliant scientist, and the self-proclaimed "Mother" of Kallen's Gurren mecha, but she prefers to spend most of the series lounging about in a sofa and smoking a pipe. Type of art essay smart glasses essay.

He always carries around an alarm clock that rings to signal nap- or food time and will unquestionably obey it whenever it goes off, immediately dropping whatever he's doing to sleep or eat.

Often a form of Obfuscating Stupidity. However, he wants to be the Shaman King who essentially gains the powers of God At the beginning, he was so lazy that he was willing to fail school instead of studying. Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom is solidly in this trope, getting 4th place in the school on midterms when the odds were stacked against his class due to additional last minute questions they hadn't been told to study for out of sheer smarts However, he wants to be the Shaman King who essentially gains the powers of God Between his luck and other skills, Gladstone Gander has more than enough talent to become even richer than Scrooge in a very short time He's in class 3-E for his bully hunting and delinquent ways, not his grades.

To bypass these issues he invented a wheelbarrow on legs that he rides in whenever he needs to move fast or go far. It's just always off-panel or -cameraand has at best ancillary benefits to anybody else. Roger Smith of The Big O is 'bout half an example.

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the killer int the backseat essays.

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Lake Effect contributor Art Cyr reads his essay, "British Skills vs. Russian Killers." Prime Minister Theresa May and colleagues in Britain’s government reconfirm the quality and effectiveness of her nation’s police and intelligence work.

On September 5, the British government issued warrants for the arrest of two Russian nationals, Rusian. The little map in the backseat of the cab tells you the cost of your trip; however since you, like most people, never even read it, the cabbie tells you the price, and you go ahead and pay without question.

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